Authentic Mayan Cultural & Culinary Tour


On this cultural tour, you will visit a living Maya village where you will see how the Maya people of Belize live.

You will partake in a unique cooking experience by grinding your own corn to make corn tortillas and even prepare a traditional Maya chocolate drink with locally and organically grown cacao.

You will also learn about Maya life, including making medicinal compounds from plants found in the jungle, food, musical instruments, textiles, and furniture.

Other activities include learning how to weave baskets and bags from local reeds as well as hammocks. Guests will also learn how the Maya make musical instruments from bamboo.

You’ll leave Belize with more knowledge than you ever thought possible!

This tour is a great way to get off the beaten path and experience the real Belize.

The tour departs at 8:30AM and returns at 3PM.

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