Blue Creek Cave


Also known by its English name "Blue Creek Cave," Hokeb Ha Cave is located near the Maya village of Blue Creek in southern Belize. Despite its somewhat remote location, Hokeb Ha is a popular destination thanks to its outstandingly gorgeous natural scenery that includes a waterfall.

Archeologists have determined from an altar and a variety of artifacts discovered in the cave that Hokeb Ha was briefly used by the ancient Maya during the Last Classic Period.

A visit to Hokeb Ha begins with a hike through gorgeous jungle scenery to reach the mouth of the cave which is covered with long vines.

Once inside, visitors need to swim through a shallow pool of fresh water before reaching a huge interior space that includes crystal-like flowstone creations, narrow chambers, and huge stone salons.

It is believed that the deeper sections of the cave were used by ancient Maya priests to conduct sacred ceremonies.

The entire experience is a great way to appreciate the beauty of nature in this region of Belize.

The cave lies at the top of a hill and features a gorgeous waterfall.

Once inside, the naturally blue waters that gave the creek its name and the contours of the interior give Hokeb Ha a special beauty.

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