Cassava Baking Adventure


On this tour you will learn how about Cassava, an important staple of the Garifuna diet.

Cassava can be made into a bread, a drink, a pudding, and even a wine! In the Garifuna culture, the cassava bread is served with most meals and the process of making it is very labor intensive.

To bake cassava bread, you will first take off the outer skin from the root, clean it, and press it through a strainer to produce a fine flour. The baking is done on a comal and the flour will be distributed evenly throughout the comal. You will note that the cassava bread will look like a big pizza and as it cooks, it will solidify into a large round cracker. The end product will be a crispy flour like tortilla and can be eaten as is or you can add jam or garlic butter.

On this tour, you will learn the secrets of cassava baking, taste the different bi-products, participate in the making of the bread, visit the plant field, and have a cultural cassava bread lunch.

This tour is only available on Saturdays and starts at 9AM and ends at 1:30 PM.

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