Garifuna Spiritual Drum Circle


The Garifuna spirituality and religion are a unique blend of the rituals and beliefs of Arawak, Island Caribs and West African beliefs and culture.

The Garifuna have a strong belief in ancestral spirits and their influence on those who are living. They acknowledge these spirits through different ceremonies and ask their ancestors to bless their family members with good health.

Garifuna music relies heavily on drums and there are two important types of drums: the Primero and the Seguno. The Primero drums have a small diameter that produces a high pitch sound, while the Segundo drums have a big diameter that creates a heavy bass sound.

Each Garifuna rhythm has its own style of dancing and singing that goes with the beat.

On this tour, you will join our drum circle and learn the basic Garifuna rhythms. A light cultural snack will be provided as well.

This tour is only available on Sundays and runs from 5AM to 1:30 PM.

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