Jaguar Reserve Night hike


This night hike is one of a kind because it takes you to the natural habitat of Belize’s nocturnal animals at the pristine Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary.

On this tour you are likely to see fresh tracks of an elusive jaguar, puma, ocelot and even the jaguarundi - wild cats that live in the nature park.

On most nights, the air is clear enough to see the majestic shape of Victoria Peak (3,675 feet) and the distant Maya Mountains.

Belize's national animal, the endangered Baird's Tapir also lives in this reserve and over 290 different species of birds have been recorded in the area.

You might also run across foxes and coatimundis on this night tour. Walking in this reserve at night is simply a magical experience.

This tour is ideal for nature lovers and intrepid travelers.

The tour departs at 5PM and returns at 9PM.

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