Red Bank Scarlet Macaw Tour


Located in the Stann Creek District, the quaint village of Red Bank is the seasonable home of one of the largest concentration of scarlet macaws ( arguably the most magnificent bird of the parrot family) in Belize and all of Central America.

Every year, from December to March, scarlet macaws migrate from the Chiquibul Forest Reserve to Red Bank Village to feed on the fruit that grows in and around the area. Scarlet macaws fly in pairs or small groups and call to each other in a raucous hoarse voices.

This tour also provides an intriguing insight into the life of the modern Maya people that live in the vicinity.

Guests will also see other exotic birds in the area including herons, parrots and toucans.

A short walk to the meandering river provides a great opportunity to cool off before returning to Palmento Grove Lodge.

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