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About Us

Located on the north side of Hopkins Village in southeastern Belize, Palmento Grove Garifuna Cultural & Fishing Institute is a private island retreat designed to reflect the authenticity of a traditional Garifuna village. Owned and operated by local Garifuna people, an Afro-Caribbean culture indigenous to Belize, Palmento is one of the best places to experience authentic local culture in Belize.

For more than 10 years, Palmento Grove Garifuna Cultural & Fishing Institute has served as a sustainable tourism business and a cultural preservation center. Situated amongst beautiful mangrove bushes on the edge of Fresh Water Creek Lagoon where it meets the Caribbean, Palmento Grove feels like a world away. Specializing in authentic Garifuna experiences, the lodge serves as an outstanding introduction to Garifuna history and culture.

Apart from our guests being able to immerse themselves in sustainable living and practices as apart of healthy living. Guests of Palmento Grove can also wander the footpaths on the scenic  property ,wander the waterways of Fresh Water Creek Lagoon  or even try their luck fishing off the dock or in kayaks for  some of the many abundant species of fish that thrive in the area. Guests can use fresh-caught fish mixed with fresh vegetables from the gardens to learn how to cook mouthwatering traditional dishes like hudut, a Garifuna fish stew made with coconuts and plantains, all accompanied by the sounds of traditional Garifuna drumming.

Designed to promote holistic healing and rejuvenation, Palmento Grove is a true sanctuary where guests are surrounded on all sides by fresh air and delightful scenery. Rooms at Palmento Grove are cozy and comfortable, with scenic natural views.

Palmento Grove is an environmental and socially conscious business that is dedicated to empowering people through the promotion and preservation of traditional cultural knowledge, history, and way of life. Palmento Grove is also the organizer of the Belize International Paranda Folkart & Music Festival, which promotes and protects traditional music in Belize  as well as are sponsors of the annual Belize Eco Cultural & Entrepreneurship Summer Camp for local youths that focuses on language restoration and arts preservation, and cultural wellness

If you’re looking for an oasis away from the stresses and strains of modern life, then Palmento Grove is exactly the place that you’ve been looking for. Palmento also organizes tours to nearby attractions on the reef and mainland, including snorkeling, scuba diving, and trips to ancient Maya cities. The Lodge can be reached from Belize City in about two and a half hours and is located in the historic Commerce Bight area on the north side of Hopkins Village in Stann Creek District.

For a truly authentic Belizean experience, choose Palmento Grove Garifuna Cultural & Fishing Institute.