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On The Road to Recovery

Support Rayton Martinez: Help us Keep the Rhythm Alive

Dear Friends,

At Palmento Grove Eco-Cultural & Healing Institute, we are dedicated to preserving and celebrating the rich cultural heritage of the Garifuna people. A cornerstone of our community is the vibrant and soulful drumming of Rayton Martinez. As our main drummer, Rayton’s music not only entertains our guests but also deeply connects us all to our roots and traditions. On May 19th, Rayton suffered a severe setback—a motorcycle accident that left him with a broken hand. This injury is particularly devastating for Rayton, as his drumming is his sole means of supporting his family, including his young son. The surgery to repair his hand will cost $6,000, an amount that is affordable with your assistance.

Rayton’s drumming is more than a performance; it is a lifeline that sustains our cultural expression and community spirit. Without his rhythms, the heart of the  Hopkins community and us here at Palmento Grove would lose a vital pulse. We are reaching out to you, our cherished friends and supporters, to help us ensure Rayton can continue to share his incredible talent and uphold our cultural traditions. Your donation, no matter the size, will make a tremendous difference. It will cover the cost of the surgery and support Rayton’s recovery, allowing him to return to the drums that he loves and that love him in return.

Please join us in supporting Rayton Martinez. Your generosity will help him heal and keep the beautiful beat of Garifuna culture alive for all to enjoy.

Thank you for your kindness and support.


Palmento Grove Eco-Cultural & Healing Institute

Raised so Far

Thank You